P3 utilizes our years of experience in working with local, state and federal elected and appointed officials to navigate the complicated processes of government, legislation, support for a cause or even just the opportunity to meet with the right people. We will supply you with the political intelligence to resolve your issue, introduce you to the key players to promote your business and help build support for your initiatives.




There are times when things just don’t go as you have planned. P3 can help you hurdle the bumps or roadblocks that come with working with government, neighborhood organizations or just the red tape that can come with big ideas. We have a proven record of success guiding San Francisco’s largest developments, industries and businesses through the tough times. We can help you too with our knowledge, respected relationships and crisis communication skills.




P3 is sensitive to both your goals and the community’s concerns. Utilizing proven campaign tactics and effective communication, we are able to develop personal and meaningful relationships with community members and neighbors, identify third party advocates to deliver our clients’ messages and educate the community on a project’s benefits utilizing various mediums, including earned media, direct mail, websites, advertisements, social media, community meetings and personal interactions. We are able to reach your intended audience and through a grassroots style, build the necessary support for your project or referendum—large or small—to achieve a positive outcome.

Utilizing knowledge of zoning codes and building regulations and leveraging existing relationships with local permitting authorities—from elected officials to the building inspector, we are able to assist with and often expedite your permitting challenges.